Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leadership Quality

Recently I was evaluated by my Boss. He said that my leadership character quality is bad! The reason was not so clear, but it seems like he said that because my physical appearance doesn't impress him so much.
Well, I was completely lost in that conversation. I thought my Boss was not fair and that he must had said something wrong.
Whatever it was, I took it as an evaluation and I try to realize that this could be a good lesson for me.
But the question keep circling in my mind: "How do you measure the quality of someone's leadership?" Maybe one of you ever experienced the same fate like I did, so I tried to find out about it.

Well, there are many article and comment about leadership. Wikipedia described it as the process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. So, I think, leadership has something to do with other people. Either my action affecting other or other people affect my action.

In my case, I think my Boss wants me to perform better towards my team. So I search again to find what are the qualities that I need to become a good leader and I found these points from a good article about leadership:
1. Get talking: a good communication skill is always needed to become an effective leader so that you can deliver your mission to your team in a way that they can understand you :).
2. Get things moving: (now this one is hard for me) you have to be able to motivate your team instead of being their watch-dog.
3. Teamwork: two heads are better than one! A good leader must be able to trust his/her employee and share responsibilities. Let them do it in their own way.
4. Never stop learning: never think that you are already a good leader. Never be ashamed to ask advice from other, sharing your problems with other more experienced leader and always take advantage from a nearby bookstore ;).

But, I think again, that I have possessed some of those values. Well, maybe you can learn from Kristine Geimure, a successful young entrepreneur. She mentioned 7 mistakes that leaders usually do:
1. Neglecting workers.
2. Not being able to handle criticisms.
3. Unable to delegate responsibilities.
4. Knowing everything.
5. Procrastination.
6. Lack of focus.
7. Afraid to change.

So, what do you think? Do you have a good leadership qualities, yet? He3... have fun everyone!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunshine And Rain

Hi World!
I recently leave my old company to try something new. So I left my old life and fly a quarter part of my country to find my self in a totally new town, new people and new local customs. Well, it is important to say that I live in a multicultural country.

Unfortunately, I was not the only one who recently come and join the company. The director is also a newcomer. And as a newcomer usually do, they make some changes. These changes, of course, are not suitable for all "veterans" in the company.
As I learned to know my new partners in the new company, I started to hear some disturbing sentences come from some colleagues when they try to express their unhappiness about the company. Have you ever be in this kind of situation? When everybody sees you as a newcomer who can safe them from some trouble and bring them to salvation? :)
Words like," I have work here since 2006 and I have never hear such rules..." or," I've done this business well, he doesn't has to tell me what to do..." or," ... they don't have to worry about this things... I know how to do it better..." and many other comments or words describing how experienced they are and how they don't need any other guidance.

Alright, so far I think they were right. As an experienced human resources, they had the right to say that. I realize that sometime I said the same thing about my self in another situation.

Bu then I realize, that is not the problem. When we say those kind of words, we express our fear. Fear? Yes! Fear of change! Why so?
Because we are not ready to change.
Let me put it this way. Have you ever watch a Kung Fu movie? Where in the movie we see the hero learn many kind of moves one by one and finally he/she could overcome any kind of enemy with many kind of secret moves or secret weapons. Of course, the enemy would never told the hero to prepare him/her self for the coming attack, right?
So, when we consider our self as an experienced workers or experienced human resources but when work situation "attack" us with another secret move or secret weapon and we shout," Stop! I've been in this business for a long time and I've never seen that moves before... this is not right!" Well, when things around us changes and we are not ready, can we say that we are an experienced human resources? I don't think so.
I say if we are as good as we thought or say, then we would be able to think about new moves to tackle any situation, good or bad. So in every condition we can always show our best performance.

I remember when I used to climb mountains with my friends. Those experienced thought me to always prepared with the unthinkable. We never now when it will rain or when we have to change our route, but we know for sure that we will reach the top.
Have a good day everyone!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Dream World

Hi There,

My dream world is not always about dreaming. It is all about daily life story that has been capture by my eyes, ears and processed through my mind. Some times I try to take a lesson from many things that happens around me. Some times these experiences really teach me something and believe it or not, I think I've walk through some same scenes in my life and I realize that I could manage the situation better in the third or fourth time :-).

Well, after that I think it would be nice if I can write down some of those experience and make sure that someday, may daughter can read it and learn that her father is not a superman, just a simple man who always have to learn, everyday. And maybe you want to read it too :-)